RM 38-01


Brand Richard Mille


In the new RM 38-01 model, the brand has been benefited from the latest technology and materials at its utmost. The RM 38-01 is basically distinguished from the previous RM 38 by its increased thickness and a G-Sensor module attached to the movement. The new materials used in the model’s case are the other details. The system, which consists of three parts, front and back cover and middle case, is made from a combination of various materials. White Quartz TPT material was used on front and back cover. Hundreds of Quartz filaments are stacked on top of each other and molded under high pressure and temperature, and then the bezel and back cover are manufactured by cutting them on ultra-precision CNC machines. Despite their lightness, they are very robust in terms of structure. In the middle, Grade 5 Titanium, coated with a white rubber layer for protection, is used. The three-piece case, which is held together with 20 Grade 5 Titanium screws, offers water resistance up to 50 meters thanks to the interposed Nitrile gaskets. The measurements of the case are set at 42.70mm x 49.94mm x 16.15mm. The overall comfort of the watch is more than expected, thanks to the curved back cover produced in harmony with the natural shape of the wrist, even if it is slightly higher on the wrist due to the geometry of the case. Of course, the incredible light weight of the case and the elastic structure of the rubber strap are also very effective.